Benefits of Oral Sex and How Often You Should Do It

The most fantastic thing for all adults is having a feeling of sexual satisfaction. However, not many of us can attain that satisfaction to 100%. One of the best ways to increase sex pleasure is indulging in oral sex. The sexual act gained a lot of popularity among couples in the past few years. But are there any potential health benefits in participating in oral sex? The question remains to be a challenge for many. However, there are a variety of health benefits one can reap from oral sex. These include;

  1. Helps to relieve stress

According to a 2014 study in New York City, it proves that women exposed to semen have reduced chances of getting depressed. Most of these ladies in oral sex indicate increased levels of happiness. What makes semen good for depression are its estrogen, oxytocin and cortisol chemicals which work as anti-depressants.

  1. Boost Memory

For women, they benefit from oral sex with improved memory status. The semen contains nutrients that help to improve the health status of your brain. As a result, your mind can work at a healthy state which improves your memory status.

  1. Reduced risks of Brest Cancer

Scientific studies confirm that semen has got chemicals that prevent the growth of breast cancer. The study confirms that for women who engage in oral sex twice a week showed reduced chances of getting attacked by breast cancer.

  1. Handles the Aging Effects

Spermidine is a chemical contained in the semen that controls the rate at which your cells age. And you don’t need it on your face, take it in and wait for the results. By doing oral sex, you save the money spent on the anti-aging creams.

  1. Improved Sex Experience

For both men and women, oral sex improves couples sex life experience by increasing satisfaction rates. By doing this, it strengthens the bonding between partners.

How often should you do Oral Sex?

How often to have oral sex depends on your depends on the couples. The essential thing here is to communicate with your partner. Understand what each one of you wants in sex and agree. In case your partner hates it, you can help them realize how oral sex strengthens love relationship. You can also try it with a professional escort. However, make sure to consider the interests of your partner in this act.

In conclusion, oral sex comes as a way to boost couples sex life. As said above, it increases your moods, and at the same time improves couples sex experience. Make sure to try it today and see what benefits it brings into your life. And if you don’t have a significant other to provide you with amazing oral sex you can contact Charlotte Escorts to hire a beautiful lady to provide for your needs.

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